How To Choose Heater?

Winter is coming, saatnya membutuhkan heater.  So how to choose heater? With so many types of heaters how will I know the difference? No problem, let's demystify this whole process. 
  • Oil-filled heater radiators use a contained fluid in a sealed radiator setup. There is no need to ever refill or top off this heater. The internal heating mechanism transfers heat to the oil which in turn radiates the heat into the surrounding area. These heaters are highly efficient because the internal heating element does not constantly need to be on. Once heated to a higher temperature, the heating oil gradually releases the warmth to keep your room comfortable even while the internal element is off. Because there is no fan withan oil-filled heater, radiators are extremely quiet.

  • Fan heaters use infrared wavelength to their advantage by heating metallic coils within the heater. The coils release infrared energy to heat the air passing through them before pushing the air into the surrounding area. All coil-based heaters have safety meshes to prevent objects from contact with  the internal elements. Baseboard electric heaters are similar to coil heaters  except baseboards release the heat over a wider area meet a longer length.

  • Halogen  heaters are the newest in heating technology. Using the     well-known and energy-saving, halogen bulb technology, a reflecting heater uses light to deliver warmth to nearby objects and people rather than heating the air in the same fashion as the sun. This direct heat method provides much higher comfort levels than older technologies because the warmth provided will be felt immediately by the heater as if one was sitting in a sunlit living room on a brisk, sunny winter day.

Now you have more information on the benefits of different types of heaters, and you can make a safe winter choice.

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